I originally grew up in Warwickshire and went to school in Leamington Spa. I briefly studied History of Design at Manchester Polythecnic before going on to train for 3 years at RADA.

Life took many interesting twists and turns of fate before I started painting, and life basically carries on with its twisting and turning taking me into this more digital, daily world of 5ftinf…

I have lived in Brighton for over 10 years and enjoy writing lists, multi tasking, Spaghetti Western soundtracks and sitting at the table, drinking tea and looking at things.

I have been Artist in Residence for Shakespeare’s Globe in London and exhibited across the UK, as well as being part of the Brighton Open Houses since 2004 opening my house with a group exhibition every May and November @64sandgate

My work and I have been featured over the last few years on various TV and radio programmes including the BBC’s Radio 4 (iPM), World Service, SmArt, The One Show, Horizon and next year a programme for The Insight Channel.

There are some FAQ’s I often get asked below, but if you want to delve even deeper into my visual world, you should take a look at my Instagram www.instagram.com/5ftinf  and my blog www.5ftinf.com 

How do you say ‘5ftinf’?

Five Foot Inf

What does 5ftinf mean?

Well, there’s not much to tell really, but the name did involve having to make a very quick decision, my height and Charles’ Dicken’s Infant Phenomenon   

( You can see my Infant, here...I’m the small one in the white dress, twirling around at the end! )

Can I send you something to put on your table?

I like to try and keep The Table an inspirational one, rather a promotional one, and I also really enjoy finding my own little props. However, I do work with companies and use my table as the ‘canvas’. These commissioned opportunities allow me to continue to be able to work as an artist as well as creating a table still life to a brief.

If you want to send me a gift, I’m always incredibly flattered, but I can’t guarantee that it will appear on The Table or be linked to your business.

Are the Flowers all from your garden?

Mostly, yes…I really try to utilise everything I grow, to work even dead leaves into arrangements, and during the Spring, Summer and early Autumn I barely buy any flowers. However, I struggle in the Winter and it’s the season where trips to the wholesale florist bring much needed nature and colour into the darker days. I also like finding bits and pieces out on walks; from the pavement, grass verges and even sometimes the tip! My garden is only small, but I really enjoy gleaning as much beauty and colour from it as I can.

What camera do you use?

Virtually all the photos you see here and on Instagram are taken with my iphone 5 or now 6, mostly using Instagram filters and tools, although I occasionally use the VSCO and Afterlight apps. I do have a DSLR but I find it much harder to use and not as immediate. Having brought up a child on my own, time has always been a defining factor to my creativity…I have learned to be quick, take a risk on a shot that I know may not work, and if I take too much time I then completely miss the moment; the iphone suits this perfectly for me, and it’s small size and handyness takes away the intimidation I have often felt towards ‘proper’ cameras and photography.

What is Synaesthesia?


Can I commission a painting from you?

Of course…( As long as you don’t ask me to paint it in colours which will go with your sofa! ). When I take a commission, it’s always on the understanding that I am being commissioning to paint in my own way; that I am creating a piece of  art, rather than a piece of matching furniture.

Commissioning a photograph is different and I am very happy to work with a specifically coloured theme.

Is your life real?

Yes…but I choose to edit out the piles of washing, the tub of un-ironed clothes, my son’s emptied out school bag on a chair, and overly dusty corners. More often than not I don’t have time to make my home pristine, especially when I’m painting or creating something. Taking a photograph of an element of calm, a corner of beauty or a table full of colour, makes me relax and meditate on not having everything perfect. I aspire to always have my home beautiful, and sometimes that all comes together…but other times it just comes together on The Table.